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big pair of balls

May 21st, 2017

This is a tale of competency. After taking every penny and put it into rental property – even turning my Menlo Park home into a rental, I downsized to Santa Fe, New Mexico. A place I was familiar with since going there in College. I bought a foreclosed lot and built a moderate house with million dollar views…

Recently, my neighbors threatened my million dollar views with a guest house. They did this on designated ‘unbuildable sloped/steep area,’ even with other buildable sites. Santa Fe is still the wild-wild west, a ‘good-ol’-boys’ town, and when you are straight and righteous female, it may not sit well. I used the only things at my disposal, the trifecta of, irrefutable data, tenacity, and a ‘big pair of balls.’

When you have truth on your side and ‘the establishment’ against you, the best thing you can do is hope for a modicum of a reasonable outcome, one you proposed in the first place, to come to fruition. Hat Tip to my friend SB, who says; ‘Is the view worth the climb?’

It’s a good thing I can have big balls, it’s another world entirely if and when I wouldn’t need them.