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A bit about me

April 26th, 2021

A second cousin is putting together a bit about the family, he asked for my bio, this is all I’ve got.

Things I’m good at – Making Messes

Things I’ve done:

Traveled to 67 countries; goal of 100+

Have a thing for travel to islands in the middle of nowhere including Easter Island, Cuba, Bali, NZ, Tasmania…

Danced with Gene Kelly (so memorable)

Been to the Oscars, Emmys, and Cannes Film Festival

Worked on the precursors of both Siri and Netflix

Landed my mom a credited role in a Carl Reiner film.

Worked with Rob Reiner et al, at Castle Rock in TV Development (we had a little show called Seinfeld)

Have been in 3 major earthquakes (9.2, 7.1, 5.9)

3 superbowls (one for fun, one for work, one I crashed!) 1 World Series

Worked on a bunch of tv shows and a couple of films. Edited scripts for Harpo Productions (Oprah Winfrey) 

Attended Midsummer Night’s Dream party at Playboy Mansion West 2x 

Got stranded in dead-end tunnel in Belgium Metro

Lunched with Dick Clark at his home in Malibu, dined with Quincy Jones at his house in Bel Air

Worked with MacArthur Genius Award winner Dr. Stephen Schneider on a tv show about climate change (was with Steve in NOLA when he was notified of his win…) 

Got clocked skiing at 63mph in 2020

Did one year in National Ski Patrol – both my knees and I survived.

Barely Survived building a house in Santa Fe 

Dined at Rick’s Place in Casablanca

Election Poll Worker in 5 elections

Volunteered over 1000 hours with various organizations

Decent cook – (my soufflés are legendary and I’m now allergic to eggs!) 

Have flown close to 2 million miles

Hiked the Powell Nanokweap trail in/out of Grand Canyon at Marble Canyon

Once checked-in for a flight to Narita only to find out my ticket was to Nagoya (blonde moment) but enjoyed the trip anyway! Enjoyed Fu No Yu – View Bath at Nagoya Airport

Summited Half Dome in 2010 was scheduled again in 2020 but pandemic

Summited Mt. Fuji 

Gave talks on travel hacking and took a month-long international trip on points!

Jumped out of a perfectly good airplane at 10K ft.

Spent a summer river rafting 

Performed a stand-up comedy routine at The Comedy Club in LA

Survived a pandemic  – so far

Really want to go to Antartica, Africa, and Argentina; have been to Andorra, Austria, Australia, Antigua…

Had this bio put into narrative by a 5 time Emmy award winner friend

Have fabulous friends, and thousands of twitter followers

I can swear in 7 languages, Blyad! (make that 8… )

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