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Gaia Theory – Earth will kill what is killing earth

September 15th, 2020

One of the last projects I worked on in Hollywood was called “The Fire Next Time” Filmed in 1991 it took place in 2017 – around the “tipping point.”

Worked on this project from inception research to filming for the Executive Producer / Writer (who got fired 1/2 way thru filming, so I never appear in the credits.)

In the years of research I did with the likes of Dr. Stephen Schneider, NOAA, NCAR, and NASA, they all agreed on one thing – there are too many polluting people on earth. Fuck fosses fuels, fuck the people who have sacrificed the planet for money. We knew better and did nothing.

I’m so sorry for future generations.

Side note: My parents came to visit me on location in Louisiana and ended up lifelong friends with actor Richard Farnsworth.

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